It’s not inevitable! I often see women and men in their fifties, forties, and even thirties begin to limit their physical activity because they are starting to experience unaccustomed aches and pains. Quite often, their discomfort can simply be a matter of muscles that desperately need to be stretched. Not realizing this, they try to avoid pain by further restricting their levels of physical activity. A vicious cycle has begun, unnecessarily contributing to what we call “old age.” Simply stretching can help stop this cycle or prevent it from ever beginning.

All new patients receive an extensive packet of stretches that I have put together myself through going to various classes taught by stretching experts. I call it the Osborne Chiropractic Clinic Flexibility System. Along with the packet, proper instructions are offered.

Benefits of Stretching:

• Increases circulation
• Increases elasticity of muscle
• Increases range of motion
• Aids in prevention of injuries
• Increases muscle strength and endurance