Raleigh Chiropractor For Kids

Children need chiropractic care for the same reason as adults — to restore proper alignment of the spine and allow proper functioning of the nervous system.

Falls, bumps and bruises … do they affect my child’s long-term health?

The answer is YES! Most misalignments of the spine occur before the age of 10 and get progressively worse with time if left untreated. As you well know, falls and injuries are very common to children. Learning to walk or ride a bike, wrestling with other children, even being tossed up in the air by loving parents can all lead to misalignments of the bones in the spine. These misalignments are called subluxations. Subluxations of the spine result in nerve damage and loss of proper function and health. (See more information in our About Chiropractic Section). In addition to the aforementioned symptoms, theses misalignments along with poor posture and childhood muscle imbalances may lead to scoliosis, which may continue to progress throughout adolescence. Chiropractors across the nation help thousands of children each day with safe, natural care.

How can I improve my child’s overall health? When can I begin?

With regular chiropractic check-ups, a child will be allowed the opportunity to correct misalignments of the spine (subluxations) in their early phases before permanent damage can occur. Children should have their spine checked immediately after birth (especially in a traumatic birth such as a forceps delivery) and then at least 2-4 times a year until fully grown. (This number will vary from child to child). It is also important for a child’s spine to be chiropractically evaluated before participation in a new sport such as football, basketball, tennis, soccer, or gymnastics as most subluxations that occur in this age range musculoskeletal trauma related.

I can see how chiropractic care has helped me, but why does my child need it?

Children need chiropractic care for the same reason as adults — to restore proper alignment of the spine and allow proper functioning of the nervous system. In fact, children will benefit to a greater extent by chiropractors than adults. The reason for this is that subluxations are detected early before they progress into higher levels of damage. If it is determined that your child needs care they will almost always need it at a lesser amount than their adult counterpart. Just as a childhood fracture heals almost twice as fast as the adults, their body will hold the adjustment much better and sooner than the adult spine. Chiropractic care at an early age can allow children to grow up with their bodies functioning at higher levels.

Home Screening Test

The tests listed below can help indicate to you that your child needs chiropractic care. These home tests in no way replace a proper examination by your chiropractor. These tests and many others will be used at Osborne Chiropractic Clinic to fully evaluate your child. If any of these tests are positive, give us a call to schedule a check-up or to ask further questions about your child’s health, and we are more than willing to work concurrently with your family physician.

Shoe Test: Have your child bring you a pair of their shoes. Hard soled shoes will work best for this test. Examine the heels to see if one heel is worn out more than the other. If so, this can indicate pelvic imbalance do to a subluxation.

Leg Check Test: This test can be done easier with your child’s shoes on. Have your child lay on the floor on their back. Kneel down by your child’s feet and gently grasp the bottom of the shoes. Gently pull both legs a few inches towards you and bring your child’s feet together. Is one leg longer than the other? If so, this is an important clue to a larger problem.

Posture Test: This test should be performed with your child barefoot. Having his or her shirt off may help as well. Standing directly behind your child place your finger at the top of each hip. Is one higher than the other? Next, look at the shoulders. Is one shoulder higher than the other? They should not be. Next check to see if your child’s head tilts to one side of the other. Imbalances in any of these three areas are abnormal.

Scoliosis Test: Now step behind your child. Look at the muscles on your child’s back. Is one side more developed than the other? Next run your fingers down the bumps in your child’s spine. Does it curve to one side or the other? The spine should be relatively straight.

Growing Pains: If your child complains of growing pains, please listen as this may be an important clue. Your child may have a pelvic/low back subluxation, or misalignments in the bones in the leg or the feet. If “growing pains” were normal why does, as in many cases, only one leg have the problem, and why don’t all kids have them? If one or more of these signs exist in a child 16 or under please call and make an appointment today. At Osborne Chiropractic we offer a free exam and x-rays (when indicated) to any child whose parent performs these tests. Just tell us you found a positive web site test.

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