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Your first visit will likely consist of a full and detailed case history, complete examination, orthopedic and neurologic tests, X-Rays (if clinically necessary) and filling out a small amount of paperwork. After the doctor reviews and correlates all relevant facts about your specific condition, he will inform you of the nature of your specific condition in what is called the “Report of Findings”. During this time, you will find out what your condition is, if the doctor can help you, how long it should take to correct the cause of your problem, what you can do on your own to increase your healing time, and what costs that apply.

If it is determined your condition is not a case that will benefit from chiropractic care, our office will direct you to where you need to be. Your first appointment will take approximately one hour, and your consultation with the doctor will likely be scheduled for the next day. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call 919.571.7311. Most appointments can be scheduled on the same day!

New Patient Forms

New Patient Welcome Form

To be filled out by all new patients.
(PDF Format)

New Patient History Intake Form

To be filled out by all new patients.
(PDF Format)

New Patient Auto Injury Questionaire

If this injury is related to an auto injury, please use the form below.
(PDF Format)

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