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NIMMO-Receptor Tonus Technique

Dr. Bryan Osborne, chief chiropractor of the Osborne Chiropractic Clinic in Raleigh, NC is trained in the Nimmo Myofascial Release Technique. Read more about it here: Written by Sheila Laws, D.C. Raymond Nimmo, D.C., graduated from Palmer School in 1931, and set up...

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It’s not inevitable! I often see women and men in their fifties, forties, and even thirties begin to limit their physical activity because they are starting to experience unaccustomed aches and pains. Quite often, their discomfort can simply be a matter of muscles...

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Posture Tips

Proper Posture is extremely important to your health. There are many misconceptions about what the right posture is. Most of the information here is for a typical computerized office. Many of the concepts can be applied to other situations. Any reduced stress to your...

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